My Theory on The Price of Bitcoins and Cryptocoins

One of the things I notice is that there are so many positive spin websites and postings out there about bitcoins and cryptocoins. It’s like there is an entire industry of people who’s only job is to create the illusion that the price of coins is somehow going to go up because of this positive sign or that positive sign. Some of it, frankly, borders on being the pump side of a pump and dump Read The Full Story Here

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bitcoin for the money

Are You Into Bitcoin For The Money?

One thing for sure, plenty of people are into bitcoin for the money and nothing else. While some of the people who have been around for a long time are into it for the technology, the concept, the blockchain, more and more of the people in the door (including myself) are here at least in part for the money. With Bitcoing futures now trading, and mainstream media getting in on the game, bitcoin mining seems Read The Full Story Here

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buying bitcoin

First Attempt At Buying Bitcoin

With the price of bitcoin moving around like a heavily caffeinated flea, it’s pretty hard to get a solid reading on the current price. There are certainly ways to know the current value, and I have added one of those to the bottom of every page on this site just in case. But the price and the value of bitcoin isn’t always a simple concept, and buying bitcoin is apparently no more easy than you Read The Full Story Here

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