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4 Ways to Know This Isn’t The Bitcoin Bottom You Are Looking For

Clickbait hell, but yes, we are talking about the bitcoin bottom today and these 4 points will remind you that the current price (and very slight rebound) are not the bitcoin bottom you are looking for. Number 1: All the charting in the world cannot predict the bottom of Bitcoin I see a number of sites using traditional investment tools and strategies to predict the future of Bitcoin and other cryptos. The keep calling the Read The Full Story Here

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Where are the Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Heading?

A lot of talk and speculation about the future of Bitcoin and all crypto coins these days. While the price of Bitcoin is much higher than it was say two years ago, it’s also more than 50% off it’s peak price, and the market for things like Bitcoin futures seems to have cooled a bit. Regulator pressures exist in all directions, without any real consensus building for the future. What makes Bitcoin so great (anonymous, Read The Full Story Here

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Bitcoin Mining Officially Becomes Unprofitable

According to this story from CNBC, the bitcoin price USD and the amount of hashrate current in play means that for the most part, mining bitcoins is no longer profitable, if the price remains at this level. This story comes as Bitcoin goes through another agonizing series of price drops. The Bitcoin price in January dropped from the peak of 20k down under 8k, and most people called bottom when the bitcoin price bounced off Read The Full Story Here

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Bitcoin Mining Fades To Black

So I have been bitcoin cloud mining now for 3 months, a quarter of the way into my 12 month contract. Initial results in the first couple of weeks were so good, I doubled down at a higher price to get twice as much hashrate. After a nice run-up to almost $20,000 the price of bitcoin has faded away now sitting around 10k, 50% from that price. What hasn’t faded away is the increased of Read The Full Story Here

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The Sounds of Bubbles Bursting

At the risk of sounding a bit negative, let me give you a bit of an update to explain why I haven’t added much here recently. Bitcoin (and all crypto coins for that matter) appear to be a huge, huge, over-inflated bubble with nothing to support their real values. There, I said it. Sucks to say it straight out, like admitting finally that you are an alcoholic or have a drug problem. The crypto currency Read The Full Story Here

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One Month In My Hashflare Review

Okay, so it’s been just about a month that I have been cloud mining with Hashflare. They were, in retrospect, my second choice behing Genesis Mining, which seems to have the highest reviews and all that. But Genesis Mining is literally out of stock on mining gear and likely will be for the forseeable future, and I didn’t want to wait three to 6 months to see if they restock. That said, I may still Read The Full Story Here

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Bitcoin Price Rapidly Recedes and Other Bad News

It’s not been a great week so far. After Bitcoin hit 20k or there about last week, it’s been pretty much an endless parade of negative and near negative news. The result has been the bitcoin price USD dropping dramatically, in some exchanges getting as low as $14,000 before bouncing back a bit. As I type this, the price is 16910.01 US Dollar, but that is still about 15% off the top. Second bad news Read The Full Story Here

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Updating From Bitcoin Mining

So it’s almost a week that I am mining for bitcoin with Hashflare (yes, my referral code again, please check it out!). While it took a while to get my cloud mining setup to run, now that it’s going, I have to say I am pretty darn satisfied at this point, but still nervous as a cat in the dog pound. Let’s start out with the good. As I mentioned in my previous coin mining Read The Full Story Here

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Will I Finally Get to Go Mining?

It’s been more than a little bit of a slog. I thought I knew a lot about bitcoins and how the whole deal would work until I started actually turning over rocks, and found out that under the rocks were, well, more rocks. I have spent the last week or so turning as many of them over to try to find out what all is going on, all so I could go mining. When I Read The Full Story Here

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Mining and the Problem Of Paying

Last time out I was talking about Cloud Mining and how I had chosen Hashflare as my first mining host. The price was right for a first small step, I wasn’t expecting to get rich but I figured hey, what the heck. However, the problem of paying almost kept me out of the game. The most common way to pay for cloud mining is bitcoin itself. Hashflare prices it’s stuff pretty good, and the conversion Read The Full Story Here

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