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Christmas Brings No Gifts To Crypto Miners

Santa Claus didn’t do anything for the world of bitcoin, that is for sure. It’s been a crappy 2 weeks in the mines, with a true triple whammy for me: Bitcoin price dropped almost in half at one point, mining difficulty went up another 20%, and the price of buying additional hashrate with Hashflare went up by nearly 50%. Summed up, it’s a squeeze. A fourth negative raised it’s head today, as South Korean announced Read The Full Story Here

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Bitcoin Price Rapidly Recedes and Other Bad News

It’s not been a great week so far. After Bitcoin hit 20k or there about last week, it’s been pretty much an endless parade of negative and near negative news. The result has been the bitcoin price USD dropping dramatically, in some exchanges getting as low as $14,000 before bouncing back a bit. As I type this, the price is 16910.01 US Dollar, but that is still about 15% off the top. Second bad news Read The Full Story Here

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Celebrating 20K and Other Good Things

Without a doubt, the big story today is that Bitcoin is hovering very close to the 20k mark, and will likely be there soon enough. I got in at half of that, and that was only a couple of weeks ago. The climb is huge, wild, and more than a little bit scary. How much more fuel does this rocket have, anyway? What it has done for me as a minor miner (har har) is Read The Full Story Here

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Are You Into Bitcoin For The Money?

One thing for sure, plenty of people are into bitcoin for the money and nothing else. While some of the people who have been around for a long time are into it for the technology, the concept, the blockchain, more and more of the people in the door (including myself) are here at least in part for the money. With Bitcoing futures now trading, and mainstream media getting in on the game, bitcoin mining seems Read The Full Story Here

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Are Bitcoin Futures Trading a Good Or Bad Thing?

Futures trading is coming to the world of Crypto currencies. Bitcoin futures will start trading this week and there are plenty of concerns and more than a few unknowns as this new financial angle comes to Bitcoins. Futures trading is basically the buying and selling of contacts for bitcoins to be delivered on a certain date for a certain price. That means that someone agrees to sell the coins at a given date for a Read The Full Story Here

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The Difficulty Adjustments and the Bottom Line

There are a couple of things in Bitcoin mining that can sort of screw things up a bit, and blow projections and forecasts out the window. In my very first week, I ran into one of things, which is the bitcoin difficulty factor. A sudden (and significant) change in this number greatly impacts the results of mining. If you are like me, you really aren’t tuned into this incredibly important factor. It’s automated and it’s Read The Full Story Here

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Updating From Bitcoin Mining

So it’s almost a week that I am mining for bitcoin with Hashflare (yes, my referral code again, please check it out!). While it took a while to get my cloud mining setup to run, now that it’s going, I have to say I am pretty darn satisfied at this point, but still nervous as a cat in the dog pound. Let’s start out with the good. As I mentioned in my previous coin mining Read The Full Story Here

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NiceHash Hacked Possibly 62 Million in Bitcoin Stolen

If you even wondered if your bitcoins are truly secure, consider this story. It’s been reported today by Coindesk (and many others including most mainstream media sites) that Nicehash has been hacked. Nicehash is a mining marketplace matching together buyers and sellers of hashrate / processing. Their site and wallet were apparently hacked, and here is their statement: Importantly, our payment system was compromised and the contents of the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet have been stolen. Read The Full Story Here

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Will I Finally Get to Go Mining?

It’s been more than a little bit of a slog. I thought I knew a lot about bitcoins and how the whole deal would work until I started actually turning over rocks, and found out that under the rocks were, well, more rocks. I have spent the last week or so turning as many of them over to try to find out what all is going on, all so I could go mining. When I Read The Full Story Here

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First Attempt At Buying Bitcoin

With the price of bitcoin moving around like a heavily caffeinated flea, it’s pretty hard to get a solid reading on the current price. There are certainly ways to know the current value, and I have added one of those to the bottom of every page on this site just in case. But the price and the value of bitcoin isn’t always a simple concept, and buying bitcoin is apparently no more easy than you Read The Full Story Here

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