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The New Normal Is A One Direction Escalator

I am starting to wonder if Bitcoin and all alt-coins for that matter are just another quality product from the ACME corporation. It seems like it all looks good, they deliver on time, you set up the package, climb on the rocket, and when you light it off, it just explodes and you end up falling off a cliff. Bitcoin (and pretty much every other coin) is nearly in true freefall at this point. It’s Read The Full Story Here

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bitcoin bubble

The Sounds of Bubbles Bursting

At the risk of sounding a bit negative, let me give you a bit of an update to explain why I haven’t added much here recently. Bitcoin (and all crypto coins for that matter) appear to be a huge, huge, over-inflated bubble with nothing to support their real values. There, I said it. Sucks to say it straight out, like admitting finally that you are an alcoholic or have a drug problem. The crypto currency Read The Full Story Here

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Welcome to My Coin Mining Blog

I started this blog as I finally got around to trying to get up Coin mining.  Yes, crypto coins like bitcoin, litecoin, etherium, bitcoin gold, and others are pretty popular right now, and the returns on invest for many are off the charts.  I wanted to get involved but I didn’t want to risk a pile of cash, so I had to look for alternatives. I will be writing the stories about trying to set Read The Full Story Here

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